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Summary Mission and Job Descriptions for CCAP Volunteers

Front Royal-Warren County Congregational Community Project (C-CAP) GENERAL INFORMATION

Front Royal/Warren County C-CAP is a non-profit, tax-exempt (IRS 501(3)(c)) charitable service corporation that has been providing emergency food, clothing, and/or limited financial assistance to needy Front Royal/Warren County residents since 1978. It was created after a community wide, grass-roots effort that recognized the need for a “Safety Net” to aid needy local families who were not eligible for aid from other community sources or where additional aid was needed due to, individual family circumstances.

C-CAP was incorporated in the State of Virginia in November 1981 as “Front Royal-Warren County C-CAP” (Corporate ID # 0223999-4) and the Determination of Tax- Exemption was issued by the IRS in June 1984 (Employer Identification Number 52-1291708). C-CAP is listed in the Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS # 18-588-7148).

C-CAP has no salaried staff and is operated entirely by about 40   volunteers, who volunteer one half day or more each month, plus several others who help in pick-up and distribution of food and fund-raising activities. Almost all our resources, food, clothing, and finances, are donated by local churches, civic groups, or organizations, individuals, or businesses. We actively seek Grants and donations from non-government sources.

Office Hours

The C-CAP office is normally open from 9:00 a.m. until 12 noon on weekdays except when public schools are closed or on a two-hour delay due to bad weather. Howe er, the Covid Pandemic caused us to reduce office hours to Mondays and Wednesdays only from nine to noon. Current plans are to get back to normal hours as soon as the safety protocols allow for regular operational hours.  During the summer, we are open weekdays, except holidays. The office is usually staffed by three volunteers: Interviewer, Clothing Volunteer, and Food Distributor. The office is in the basement at the rear of the St. Luke Community Clinic, 316 North Royal Avenue, Front Royal (540-636- 2448).


Even before the pandemic C-CAP has been short of volunteers; particularly food distribution staff. Below is a summary of the available volunteer jobs, including board appointments. We hope you will review and consider a volunteer job that works with your schedule and interest.  Contact us at ourccap@gmail.com and review our facebook and website pages athttps://ourccap.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/CCAPFrontRoyal.

Open Board Level Positions

Board level appointments are approved by the sitting members of the board based on nominations and board interviews to confirm the levels of interest and qualifications.  Board appointments are based on requirements for managerial, operational and governance experience in business and non-profit corporations. Every board member has fiduciary responsibilities for the proper financial and operational processes of CCAP. They also will be responsible for the de elopement of policy, work processes, fund raising and outreach projects.

Open Board Positions

  1. Financial Director: Currently the board is searching for the appointment of a board level financial manager to assist the President in financial planning and management projects. This position requires a person with experience in financial management, accounting, and related skills.
  2. Administrative director: This director positions will be responsible for all major administrative projects and for the development of administrative policy and plans.


Open Positions for Operations Volunteers

Assistant Officer-Administrative Manger  

Assist the Office manager in all duties related to office operations to include data entry for the Link2Feed data system and related administrative file maintenance and reporting. Other duties may include ordering food from the reginal food bank, developing monthly work schedules, updating files, creating reports, and coordinating food inventory projects and the Campaign for Hunger Project. the assistant will also be trained as an “intake” assistant capable of signing up new and eligible clients, verifying eligibility and accuracy in client records and files.

Clothing   Assistant

The clothing Assistant is responsible    for assisting the clothing manager    to include the intake of donated clotting and related items, the organization and presentation of the items for clients, the disposition of unfit or excess clothing, the assistant also maintains the clothing log and all report required for clothing management.

Food Pantry Assistant

Pantry assistants will work with the office manager to prepare and distribute food items to clients and to account for the items provided on the food log. They will assist clients in food selection and bagging as required and otherwise take direction from the office manager based on the specific food projects.

Scheduler Assistant

The scheduler coordinates with the office manager to produce and manage the monthly work and job assignment schedule for the volunteers and is available by phone/email if a volunteer becomes unavailable for duty.  In this case the scheduler will call volunteers on the list of volunteers to find a replacement.  The scheduler is available to provide this support five days per week.  However, the frequency of replacement events is very low except in the winter months.

Food Team Distribution Assistant ‘

Distribution assistants provide pickup trucks and help the food manager make pickups and distribution of food. Normally they work two days per week for about two hours each day. Ideally, they work as scheduled teams so that no one assistant works more than one day/two hours per week. They drive to pick up and off load points to move the food, store the food and relocate food, as necessary.

Food Inventory Assistant

Inventory assistance usually work when the CCAP office is closed to move food from storage into the pantry and into coolers or freezers, as necessary. They organize the food, sort items, and shelve in the main pantry for client shoppers.  They may also be asked to support special food projects.

Financial Administration Assistant

The financial assistant works with the office manager, the treasurer, and the president to ensure the proper receipt of all donated cash, checks, gift cards and grants, deposits checks, provides deposit and check records to No Doubt Accounting weekly for data input. The assistant will work with the treasurer to provide monthly summary financial reports to the board to summarize income, expenses, investments, and related statistical information. The assistant will also work with the Financial Manger Board member to produce the annual balance sheet and related data for the annual report and tax filings.