Front Royal – Warren County C-CAP Overview

  • C-CAP is the primary social safety net in Warren County providing food,
    clothing, personal items and emergency financial assistance including utility
  • C-CAP is an “all-volunteer” registered Virginia 501.C.3 Non-Profit
    Corporation in full compliance with Virginia business and IRS corporate
  • During a normal year C-CAP serves more than 2,000 heads of households,
    representing over 7,000 individuals, including over 1,000 children.
The CCAP of the Future is Here Now
  • C-CAP has completed  a new office environment that now has automated client case records, financial accounting systems and related technology efficiencies.
  • C-CAP has enhanced the governance model driven by the principles of good governance and high ethical standards.
  • CCAP is now in a new facility with plenty of room to  serve more clients with more services and more food partnerships around the county.
Looking Ahead 
  • CCAP will continue to develop and refine operations in the new facility to achieve more efficiency
  • CCAP will also recruit more volunteers for the new roles and responsibilities that are needed to complete our plans

Annual Report

C-CAP provides an Annual Report every year by the end of May that details all services provided, financial activity, trends and planning. The report also provides the names of all officers and board members as well as volunteers. This report is available to all of our donors and to the congregations who also serve the county. Reports are available to all donors upon request by email at

Officers and Committee Chairs

We greatly appreciate and could not function without the very generous support and contributions of all of our local Churches and the Warren County Ministerial Association.

Officers and Committee Chairs:

  • President: Larry Elliott
  • Executive Director: Joanne Koszyk
  • Director of Finance: Randall Bartlett
  • Office Manager: Tonya Allen
  • Treasurers: Margie Miller, Melanie Jabbour
  • Secretaries: Barbara Tringali, Paula Casteneda
  • Food Manager: George Rogers
  • Food Chairs: Kaipha Brown, Lee Montgomery, Stephen Pettit
  • Logistics Managers: Alan Thompson, David McDermott


All Churches are encouraged to be represented on our Board of Directors.

Current Representatives:

  • Browntown Baptist:
  • Calvary Episcopal: Bill Beene
  • First Baptist:
  • Front Royal Presbyterian:
  • Front Royal United Methodist:Susan Hrbek
  • Good Shepherd LutheranCharlotte Sciascia
  • Mt. Vernon Baptist Church:
  • Riverton United Methodist:
  • Rockland Community Church:
  • St. John’s CatholicKathy Brown

Board of Directors

In addition to those Officers/Chairs noted above, the Board of Directors consists of the Past President (attendance optional), Representatives appointed by Churches, and “at large” members elected by the Board of Directors.