Join the C-CAP Volunteer Team

C-CAP is fortunate to have almost 50 active volunteers. Most volunteers work as little as one morning per month on a four-hour shift. Others work multiple shifts during the month. Team managers work as often as needed to get the job done. Some work directly with clients during the application and intake phase where client records are created and managed. Others assist clients with their selection of clothing items and food choices. Food teams create shopping menus and arrange purchasing at the regional food bank or at local groceries. Other use their trucks to pick up and deliver food from retail stores to C-CAP storage sites and help with shelving, reporting and managing inventory. C-CAP volunteers are also well into the digital age and use computers to report management data to the food bank, create internal management reports and financial data. All volunteers work as a unified team dedicated to serving our clients. The team includes the board of directors who are working members not just members of a board.

Contact Janet Harshman, C-CAP office Manager to volunteer for any office position: 540 635 2448 or

Contact Joanne Koszyk for positions in fundraising, grant writing and related roles: 540 635 2448 or

Contact Larry Elliott, President, to discuss potential roles on the board of directors: 540 631 1382 or