Coming Up in October and November

Final details for the Camping for Hunger Campaign will be posted on this page and on the C-CAP Facebook page by mid-October.

Last year individual donors, local business leaders and the congregations donated over 16, 000 pounds of food and more than $9,000 in cash and gift cards. This is a perfect balance for the resources we need. The donated food was canned foods, cereals, good juice drinks, breakfast bars and other kid friendly foods. This provided C-CAP with a much wider menu than normal. With the cash and gift cards C-CAP volunteers have access to the regional food bank where the cost of food is a fraction of open markets. C-CAP likes to take advantage of both options to enrich the food inventory. The volume of resources received during the Camping for Hunger Campaign, when integrated with C-CAP weekly inventory, provides food for up to six months. So, this campaign is absolutely critical for our C-CAP families.

Join us in the Camping for Hunger by donating, cash, gift cards, and purchased foods that are nutritious. Also, consider donating your time as a C-CAP volunteer.

Thanks in Advance for Supporting C-CAP

Breaking News: C-CAP Silver Doves Now Available at Jean’s Jewelers on Main Street

The C-CAP Dove Story

The dove has long been the official logo of the Front Royal C-CAP non-profit organization. It is a reminder of the source of all help and the focal point for C-CAP social services in the local community.  C-CAP volunteers proudly wear the dove on charm bracelets or lapel pins. Beginning in October the C-CAP silver dove will be available for all who want to support C- -CAP. Jean’s Jewelers on main street will offer the doves for a good price and she will also donate a significant portion of each dove sold to the C-CAP Fresh Food Program for families with   children. This new C-CAP program provides fresh foods, including produce and fruit, to local families in need. You can support this program and many other C-CAP community services by purchasing your own dove this year. Give Jean a call and place your order early.

Camping for Hunger is Set for November!

It will soon be time for the Camping for Hunger campaign sponsored by The River 95.3 with the support of C-CAP and community volunteers. Last year the people of Warren County, along with business leaders and the congregations, donated 16,000 pounds of food and almost $10,000 dollars in cash and gift cards. This is the most critical fund-raising program each year since it provides enough resources to fund our food program for four to six months.

Here is how to support this campaign

  1. Donate kid friendly foods and larger amounts of canned foods for families. Items such as small and large cereals, canned fruits, vegetables, breakfast bars and snacks.
  2. Provide cash and gift cards so that C-CAP can stretch your dollars further with our purchases at the regional food bank where food prices are much lower. Gift cards at local grocery stores are also important since this allows us to have access to a wider set of menus including fresh whole foods.
  3. Donate the priceless gift of your time and serve as a C-CAP volunteer working at the intake desk, in clothing services or in food services and many other roles such as information/data services.

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