Coming Up in October and November 2019

Final details for the Camping for Hunger Campaign will be posted on this page and on the C-CAP Facebook page by mid-October.

Last year individual donors, local business leaders and the congregations donated over 16, 000 pounds of food and more than $9,000 in cash and gift cards. This is a perfect balance for the resources we need. The donated food was canned foods, cereals, good juice drinks, breakfast bars and other kid friendly foods. This provided C-CAP with a much wider menu than normal. With the cash and gift cards C-CAP volunteers have access to the regional food bank where the cost of food is a fraction of open markets. C-CAP likes to take advantage of both options to enrich the food inventory. The volume of resources received during the Camping for Hunger Campaign, when integrated with C-CAP weekly inventory, provides food for up to six months. So, this campaign is absolutely critical for our C-CAP families.

Join us in the Camping for Hunger by donating, cash, gift cards, and purchased foods that are nutritious. Also, consider donating your time as a C-CAP volunteer.

Thanks in Advance for Supporting C-CAP